With the recent cold snap now behind us, Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of Schools for Rocky View Schools (RVS), gave an update on how the bitter cold affected RVS at the Board of Trustees Meeting today. 

The cold weather came right after Christmas break for the students but set in on Thursday, January 11. Luterbach stated he oversaw the making of the decisions on if schools and buses were to be closed the morning of. 

On the 11, while we were seeing frigid temperatures, Luterbach decided to keep both the schools and buses operational. Friday, January 12, he decided to close the schools and shut down the buses. 

"When we close schools, we typically have at least two people in that building. We've got somebody from the caretaking team looking after the building itself, and we also have a staff member who is there in case any kids show up." 

On Monday, January 15, the schools were reopened, but buses were not running. Everything was back to being fully operational on Tuesday, January 16. 

When it came to students attending schools in those days, Luterbach shared the difference between all the schools and a rural group. The rural group included elementary/middle schools that are mostly bussed schools. Some of those schools included Beiseker Community School, Springbank Middle School and Indus School: 

  • January 11 - All schools / 76 per cent. Rural group / 83 per cent - All schools are open, and all buses are running. 

  • January 12- All schools closed, and buses were not running. 

  • January 15 - All schools / 68 per cent. Rural group / 68 per cent - All schools open and no bussing. 

  • January 16 - All schools / 90 per cent. Rural group / 93 per cent - Schools are open, and buses are running. 

Luterbach mentioned he usually decides if schools are closed or buses are not running shortly after 5 a.m. the day of.

"We do follow the process as described in policy administrative procedure." 

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