The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by reuniting with those who mean the most to you? Thanks to Country Hills Toyota, you have the chance to make this holiday season extra special by participating in our "Home for the Holidays" contest!

Do you have a loved one who's been longing to be home for the festivities? Or perhaps you find yourself yearning to be surrounded by the familiar warmth of home during this magical time of year? Whether you're eager to reunite with family, friends, or someone dear to your heart, this is your opportunity!

How to Enter:

Entering is as easy as a few clicks! Simply fill out the form on our website at Home for the Holidays and share your heartfelt reasons for wanting to go home or for bringing someone special home to celebrate. Express your emotions, tell us your story, and let us know why this holiday season means so much to you.


As a token of appreciation for sharing your heartfelt stories, we're offering the chance to win a $1000 travel gift card, which can help turn your dream of being home or bringing someone for the holidays into a reality.

Contest Details:

The contest runs until December 10th, so make sure to submit your entries before the deadline!


Mark your calendars! The winner will be announced on December 11th. Stay tuned as we share the joyous news and spread the holiday cheer.

This holiday season, let's make wishes come true and reunite hearts. Whether it's a hug you've been longing for or the laughter that fills your childhood home, this is your chance to make it happen!

Country Hills Toyota and Air 106 are excited to be part of your journey home for the holidays. Enter now and let's make this season unforgettable!

Wishing you warmth, love, and the happiest of holidays!