You might have to apply to get the $600 inflation-relief payments from the provincial government.

If you're a family with kids under 18-years-old, it looks like you'll have to apply to get approved before you the government cuts you a cheque.

A couple of weeks ago, the UCP government announced the inflation-relief plan saying families making under $180,000 a year would be getting $100 per month for six months for every child under 18.

MLA Matt Jones, the Alberta Minister of Affordability and Utilities, says once the bill gets passed the government will have an online portal set up for you to apply.

"We have to ensure that the support is indeed going to people who are eligible and that's what the portal will do. It will use existing government information and information submitted by Albertans to make sure the targeted relief payments go to where they are intended."

Jones didn't say when the portal would be ready or when the payments would start in January.

However, he did say seniors, those on AISH, and other Albertans already on support programs will automatically get their extra monthly cheques.

The bill has been introduced in parliament and has yet to be passed but it's easily expected to.