For those who are interested in tracking crime in the city, there is a map for that. 

According to the City of Airdrie, the map was developed as a way to include innovative and responsive community policing.

"Neighbourhood crime is more than just numbers; it's about knowing where crime is happening," the city stated on their website. 

The crime map shows various criminal incidents within a 14-day window, including Break and Enter, Mischief to property, Theft From Motor Vehicle, Theft Over and Under $5000 - which is broken down into bike thefts, other, oil field, and mail, as well as Theft of Motor Vehicle. 

​  A screenshot from Airdrie's crime map dated March 6, 2023. (Screenshot)  ​​  A view of Airdrie's crime map dated March 6, 2023. (Screenshot/ Graphic provided by City of Airdrie)  ​

Within the past 14 days, there have been approximately six reports of break and enters, and 19 reports of mischief to property, while there were an estimated 17 thefts from motor vehicles, while three thefts of a motor vehicle were reported, another estimated 13 reports of theft over and under $5,000 were reported, with one of those reports pertaining to mail theft.

However, the RCMP does underline that while every effort is made to ensure accuracy and timely updates in the reporting that is seen on the crime map, there may be inaccuracies or omissions. Police also warned that not all reports of stolen vehicles or missing persons are always seen on the page and that not all crime is reported, hence not all crime will be visible on the map. It should also be noted that the points on the map are not placed at the exact location of the crime; they are placed at nearby intersections or regions.

Airdrie's RCMP detachment also responded to reports in the Balzac area, which reported approximately four thefts from a motor vehicle, as well as one theft of a car, and three reports of theft over and under $5,000. 

According to previous statistics by Airdrie RCMP, while persons and property crime increased in 2022, there has been an overall decrease in criminal code offences in 2022. Select property crimes such as theft of motor vehicles were up by 23 per cent in 2022, with 33 more occurrences than in the previous year, while break and enters increased by 2 per cent from 2021, with three more instances. 

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