After Genesis Place re-opened in Fall 2021 with prices a little lower than the market average, Airdrie City Council voted to now align those prices.

Brad Anderson, the manager of Genesis Place and the City of Airdrie Arenas, says the reason Genesis place is lagging behind is that City Council chose not to align to the market price for a variety of reasons, whether it be COVID or they didn't want to necessarily put that market average fee back onto the community. 

The new prices will come into effect this September. 

Anderson says, although the prices will be going up, the new fees shouldn’t take too much of a toll on a person's wallet. 

“For something like swim lessons, we were pretty close to market already. It really will be a nominal difference like $1 per lesson or $1 every eight lessons or something like that. For arena rates, it's going to be a few dollars an hour for hockey teams or ringette team ice time. For Genesis Place, admission prices actually aren't going up that much, between 25 cents to $1.” 

Using swimming as an example, Anderson says a family paying $29 right now would pay about $30 once the changes come in September. 

Anderson says some of the larger increases will probably be in pass prices because they have lagged behind the market rate for a number of years. Pass prices could see an increase from just a few dollars to $10. 

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