When it comes to having a baby, it’s a life-changing experience for any parent. But sometimes the whole experience can be pretty funny too!

Gender reveals are always exciting, but sometimes they can be more dramatic than anticipated! Recently, a viral Tik Tok video showed a dad's reaction to learning they were having a girl at their gender reveal party. While some viewers called out Dad for his reaction, I'm here to tell you that sometimes, when it comes to becoming a parent, there are reactions that you don't expect.

As someone who has been through the gender reveal experience myself, I completely understand the dad’s gut reaction. After all, he already had one daughter, and it can be unsettling to find out you’re going to have another. However, it’s important to remember that a single moment, caught on film, doesn’t define a person’s feelings. We all have gut reactions, but that doesn’t mean the dad won’t love his daughter with his full heart. It was definitely funny to see, but it doesn't mean he didn’t want a daughter. He was just taken aback by the news. We all have gut reactions, and that’s part of becoming a parent.

When my ex-husband and I found out we were having a girl, he had a pretty strong reaction as well. He started at the ultrasound for quite a long time and said nothing, then finally turned to the technician and myself and said "I guess I'm going to have to buy a shotgun."

You’ve waited nine months, and finally, you get to find out the gender of your precious little bundle of joy! Of course, with any big news, you expect to see some big reactions, and gender reveals are no different. They can be very emotional and exciting, but they can also be quite funny. 

Have you ever seen a gender reveal that got out of hand? Or, have you had a gender reveal that was so funny you still can’t stop laughing? I'd love to hear all about your funny reactions!

Did your mom cry? Did your dad faint? Was it the grandparents who screamed? Or, was it the kids who made the big reaction? We want to hear all about it!