Ryan Straschnitzki, former Humboldt Bronco that was involved in the bus crash in 2018, and the founder of “The Straz Strong Foundation” is excited to announce the first annual D.R.I.V.E (Determined, Resilient, Inspired, Valued, Empowered) Golf Tournament. 

“I remember last summer getting into adaptive golf for the first time and it kind of opened up my eyes to a whole new world. I didn't think golf would be possible. But again, living in the adaptive sports world, anything's possible when you put your mind to it and get creative.” 

Straschnitzki says he had the idea of starting this tournament and did a collaboration with his physio clinic, Synaptic

“Essentially, what we're doing, is raising social awareness and raising funds to give back to the community to allow others to have the same opportunities that I had when I got back into adaptive sports.” 

According to Straschnitzki, this collaboration with Synaptic has a special place in his heart. 

“Ever since the accident, as soon as I moved home, I started going to physio at Synaptic and meeting all sorts of patients with different mental and physical disabilities. Nothing was stopping them from getting better. It truly motivated me to help others as well. It's as simple as changing your mindset and getting out of your comfort zone.” 

The money raised from the tournament will be split evenly between Straschnitzki Foundation and Synaptic. 

“A portion of the funds will go into synaptic for rehabilitation, because it is quite expensive, and some people can't afford it. We're going to put it into a lump sum and possibly find a recipient for them to go attempt Synaptic so they're not paying out of their pocket. Another portion of that fundraiser money will go towards adaptive sports programs.” 

The tournament will be Wednesday, September 14 at the Heritage Pointe Golf Club south of Calgary. Early bird registration will open up at the beginning of June on the Straz Strong Foundation website. 

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