Rather than trashing your real Christmas tree, you can have it chipped for free at the Airdrie Recycle Depot until Sunday, January 28. 

However, the City is reminding residents that all decorations must be removed. No tree bags, branches, leaves, or wreaths are allowed. 

And for those who are starting the new year off with a winter cleaning, the recycle depot also accepts packaging polystyrene foam (though one must clean and remove all tape. No food-related styrofoam is accepted, however. Other items that are accepted include clothing, as well as Christmas lights, batteries and electronic decorations. 

Items that can be trashed and tossed into the garbage bin include broken Christmas decorations.

"If sharp, please place in a puncture-proof container labelled sharp and place next to the garbage."

Ribbons, bows, tinsel, cellophane, foil wrapping paper and gift bags should be placed in the garbage, but the City encourages residents to consider holding onto them for the coming Christmas or to be re-used for other holidays.

Packing peanuts are not recyclable and considered garbage.

And for those thinking of tossing their plastic Christmas tree, it can be done at the Airdrie Transfer Site or re-used for next Christmas. 

Items for the blue cart include dry cardboard, though tape should be removed and flattened, greeting cards and envelopes, as well as tissue paper and plain wrapping paper. However, foil/shiny wrapping paper should not be put in the blue bin. Plain paper gift bags, as well as clean aluminum foil pans, plates and cans, can also be recycled. Blue carts must be closed to be collected and anything left beside the blue cart will not be picked up. Residents are encouraged to bring any excess recycling they can't find into the blue cart to the city's recycling depot.

The green cart (organics) will not be collected if it is overfilled or too heavy.

"If you can easily roll cart, weight is likely acceptable," The City states on its website.

However, the City is also reminding residents to be mindful of food waste, encouraging residents to reuse food if possible, freeze it or send friends and family home with leftovers. 

Airdrie's recycle depot (21 East Lake Hill) is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, with opening hours Wednesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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