Temperatures for the upcoming weekend are going to make a lot of people happy when we will be sitting around the 20-degree mark.

Justin Shelley,  a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada says things will only get hotter as the week goes on.

"We're looking at temperatures in the high teens maybe hitting 20 degrees on Friday, with Saturday, temperatures in the low 20s and once again, Sunday, those temperatures remaining in the low 20s.

With that being said other factors like wind or clouds could always take away from the warm weather, but Shelley mentioned that won't be the factor this time.

"The weekend shouldn't be too windy, we will see some moderate southerly winds. With this setup, we get those strong southerly winds that helped us to get as warm as we do in these in these situations."

Luckily for all of you that like the warmer weather, it will be here to stay for a bit.

"What we're looking at right now is through the rest of this week and into the first week of May, we're looking at a warm pattern with predominantly an upper ridge over Western Canada. That pattern looks to stay in place through the first seven to 10 days of May."

Shelley mentioned the general trends for May so far are to be above-normal temperatures which are around 13-14 degrees.

Right now, the high for Friday is 19 degrees, Saturday 23 degrees and Sunday 23 degrees.

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