After a concerned resident of Airdrie noted that there was what appeared to be a missing stop sign on the corner near the Boston Pizza restaurant (Gateway Rise), they notified the city. The resident noted that considering this area experiences high traffic volume in the mornings this is a significant safety hazard. However, he was told that this is not a city jurisdiction.

In a written response, The City explained that Airdrie Municipal Enforcement can enforce traffic violations on intersecting roads within the city, including private property/parking lots that directly intersect onto a public roadway.

"Stopping at an intersection when entering onto a provincial highway is mandatory whether signed by a traffic control device or not unless signed by a “merge” or “yield” sign. Gateway Rise meets the definition of a Provincial Highway under this act."

The City also noted added that the implementation of correctly placed traffic control devices on private property is an approval requirement during the development stages.

"The City of Airdrie, Planning and Development department ensures the standard is met prior to turning over approval of the area to the owner. Upon taking over possession of the publicly accessed private property the upkeep of the signage is the responsibility of the property owner. They may contact the City for replacement signage or further assistance."

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