Natural gas default rates for November 2022 have been announced by Direct Energy Regulated Services. Customers in the service areas of ATCO Gas North and South who have not selected a competitive provider will be subject to this pricing. The Alberta Utilities Commission has examined the rates.

The South territory includes customers living south of the City of Red Deer including Airdrie.

For customers in the ATCO Gas South service territory, the November regulated natural gas rate is increasing from the October rate of $4.595 per GJ (Gigajoule) to $5.641 per GJ. This rate reflects a market price for November supplies of approximately $5.459 per GJ and incorporates an adjustment of $0.182 per GJ for October and prior months.

The typical residential gas bill for November based on an average of 14 GJ of consumption would be approximately $213 in the South area including Airdrie.

When compared to the northern part of the province a residential gas bill in the south is about $12 cheaper with the average northern residential gas bill around $225.

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