On Sunday at around 9 P.M., Meno, a four-year-old Shih Tzu that is the light and life of Airdronian Rameen Kargger and his wife, was spooked and ended up wiggling out of her collar and running off. Kargger, who at the time was in the hospital as his wife was about to go into labour, had invited his parents to housesit and dogsit for the family.  

"They took them [the two family dogs] for a walk around the Bayview area. Meno is very shy and she's usually scared of people. I think someone just walked by her with a bike [and they] seemed intimidating to her and she got scared and pulled herself out of her leash and ran away."

Kargger said Meno is a small dog, no more than 15 pounds. She has blond hair, brown eyes and black facial hair on her face and nose.

"She was last seen by the new Genesis show homes. She was running towards those new houses that are being built on Bayview Street, around the canal," he said. "There are tennis courts, there's Genesis park there and basketball courts. I think roughly, it's probably around 524 Bayview Street; around there."

He and his wife have put up social media posts pleading with the public on any information about Meno or if they have seen her, and Kargger said he has also been in contact with Airdrie Municipal Enforcement as well as APARC Airdrie, but thus far Meno has not been located.

Meno, the beloved family companion of an Airdrie family has been missing since Sunday night (Photo provided by Rameen Kargger)Meno (left), the beloved family companion of an Airdrie family has been missing since Sunday night (Photo provided by Rameen Kargger)

"Someone yesterday at around 7 P.M. stated that they thought they saw her based on the description we provided. As soon as I heard that news, I show up there within five minutes, and I searched pretty much all around that area for almost a kilometre of the surrounding area. I had no luck at all."

Kargger and his family are so devastated by Meno's absence that they are offering a reward of $1000 dollars to anyone who is able to locate Meno.

"If we can find her successfully through someone; that we get her back as a result, or the person caught her, yes we're willing to a give a reward for that person." 

He did however underline that if Airdrie residents happen to spot Meno, it's best not to approach her as she can spook easily.

"I would recommend that they would just don't go close to her, keep an eye on her, locate her where she is, and then call the number which is 403-540-6643."

The loss of Meno comes at a time when the Kargger and his wife should be feeling nothing at elation with the birth of their baby, but with the loss of their beloved family companion, it has been bitter-sweet.

"She's [Meno] so caring. If one of us is walking slowly [on a walk], she stops to make sure you catch up. If you're crying at home, she'll come to you and comfort you."

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