Destination Cycles set an all time high with toys donated thanks to the help of Daniel Olson and the Hot Wheels he added to their donations.

This year, they donated a total of 3,004 toys.  Josh Radu, general manager for Destination Cycles, spoke about how helpful Olson's donation was.

"A good part of his collection ended up in our toy drive. So hands down, it was our biggest year because of that, and we ended up donating just over 3000 toys."

Comparing this year to last, excluding the Hot Wheels, the numbers were about the same with Airdronians donating around 700 toys.

The toy drive was over last weekend, and all the toys were delivered to the Children's Hospital this Monday.

"This time, we showed up with a trailer packed fairly full of everything from Hot Wheels to sleds, teddy bears, board games, and bicycles. They always have a good reaction when we show up with the amount of stuff that we do."

Destination cyclePhoto of all the toys Destination Cycles donated to the Children's Hospital.

Radu mentioned that it was personally fulfilling to be able to take in that much stuff and know that it helps out a lot of the kids that are there.

Destination Cycles plans on doing this toy drive once again next year.

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