The Town of Vulcan was recently highlighted by a popular comedian.

Conan O’Brien spoke with Southern Alberta resident Jill in a recent episode of his podcast “Conon O’Brien Needs a Fan,” and her proximity to the town was quickly the main focus of their conversation.

“There are about 2000 people, and I don’t know if you guys are Star Trek fans, but the town has kind of taken on a Star Trek theme,” said Jill, as part of her introduction to O’Brien and his cohosts.

This revelation immediately threw O’Brien, who would only become increasingly perplexed as more information about the town’s Trekkie culture was revealed.

“I thought it was just a town called Vulcan. Of course, ‘Vulcan’ goes back to ancient mythology so it doesn’t necessarily have to- I mean, I’d be a moron if I said ‘oh, like Star Trek?’ But you’re telling me that the town is leaning into it?”

Jill revealed more details on the town, including its Starship Enterprise statue, their tourism centre, and the annual “Spock Days” festival.

The town’s level of commitment to their name provided around five minutes of material for O’Brien, who delivered a few playful jabs at the sci-fi haven.

“I’m from Kirk, Massachusetts, and we didn’t lean into this at all. You guys are from Vulcan and you lost your minds!”

It was all taken in good fun by Jill, who suggested O’Brien visit the town with his producer Jordan Schlansky, who O’Brien describes as “the most annoying person I’ve ever met.”

Jill continued to fascinate O’Brien with information on her work growing wetland plants and breeding fainting goats.

Her husband grew up in the area, which prompted Jill to move down, which, to O’Brien, showed dedication.

“You must really love your husband. He invited you to basically join him in a child’s bedroom and called it a town.”

Just last week, Vulcan's Tourism & Trek Station announced via Facebook that their tourism centre would be undergoing some renovations, with some new memorabilia and displays on the way.

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