Falling snow and white out conditions have caused area roads and highways to become very slick and drivers are reporting that traffic is moving very slowly.

Update: All collisions mentioned below are now clear.

There is also a reported collision on Highway 2 northbound, between Crossiron Drive and the Balzac exit ramps. 

Another collision on northbound QE2 by Stoney trail is also being reported at this time.

Another earlier collision on the QE2 Northboud near the weigh scales is clear, there is some residual volume in the area. 

There are major slow downs on the highway in both directions due to the incidents and road conditions. 

When winter weather hits, please remember to drive to the conditions. 

It's recommended that drivers turn on their lights and maintain a safe following distance, leaving lots of room between vehicles, making sure they are completely brushed off and that you are giving yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. 

Watch out for icy patches, especially on bridge decks, overpasses, intersections and exit ramps. 

If you are having trouble seeing the road due to falling snow, here are a couple of tips for remaining safe. Use the white line painted on the right side of the road as a guide, have your window defrost on, and set wipers to a low setting to keep the windshield clear.