In 2021, Airdrie Municipal Enforcement officers attended 205 files regarding snow complaints, finding that 134 violated Community Standards Bylaw regarding clearing snow from sidewalks. While the vast majority of snow clearing was completed by residents, 17 of the infractions needed to be completed by a contractor. 

This year the city is reminding residents that sidewalk safety is the responsibility of the city's residents.

"The Community Standards Bylaw No. B-09/2012 states that all property owners have 24 hours once the snow stops to clear the sidewalks in front and alongside their property," stated a press release from the city. "When clearing your sidewalks remember that snow and ice must be mounded on your property, not on city roads or public property."

Furthermore, piles of snow or ice deposited on roadways can become a safety concern for both pedestrians and drivers as they attempt to navigate residential streets, the press release reminded.

"If you are using equipment such as a snow blower, please remember that noise control hours are in effect Monday to Saturday from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and Sunday, including all Statutory Holidays, from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m."

The city also underlined that when Municipal Enforcement receives a complaint, an officer attends to confirm that the property is violating the city's bylaw. The resident is then given 24 hours to clear the snow. If the snow is not removed in the timeframe provided, a contractor is hired by the City, at the property owner’s expense, to complete the task.

"Please remember as you plan your holidays for the coming winter months that you remain responsible for your sidewalks while you are away. If you are unable to physically clear them yourself, it is your responsibility to find assistance."

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