Starting tomorrow, the previously announced changes will be implemented for Airdrie's Hello To Go.

Instead of being picked up at their home as is now the case, when Airdronians plan a trip through the Hello To Go app, they will be picked up at a nearby area.

New pick-up locations may be "virtual" stops with walking directions provided in the app, or they could be traditional, posted stations on a local route.

Before the introduction of Hello To Go, local route ridership was low; this service was developed to assist and connect the growing neighbourhoods. Hello To Go hasn't been able to meet demand since its release. The choice was made to alter Hello To Go rather than introducing more expensive buses.

“This change will allow Airdrie Transit to operate more efficiently, while still connecting communities that don’t currently have transit service,” said Chris MacIsaac, Team Leader of Transit.

Thanks to this new model, Airdrie Transit will be able to accommodate more trip requests, draw more patrons, and continue operating during the winter (by only operating on higher-priority roads that are plowed).

“As Airdrie grows, we experience some of these growing pains as we try to provide the highest level of service while keeping costs low,” said Mayor Peter Brown. “This change will allow us to continue to provide efficient and sustainable transportation options for Airdrie residents.”

When the service first started in the summer, ridership for week one was just under 800 patrons.

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