This year's valedictorian for Beiseker Community School is Ethan Meyer.

The graduation ceremony was back on May 12th which was held in the school's gym.

Meyer was super excited to be the Valedictorian and be the one to represent his school and classmates.

"It definitely feels great. I definitely get a big sense of pride getting to represent my school. Many of us [classmates] have gone to school since kindergarten together, so it means quite a bit."

The process to become valedictorian was interesting as Meyer had to submit an application which included being nominated by two of his classmates and then give a two-minute speech to the selection committee about what his message would be for his valedictorian speech and why he thinks he would be the best valedictorian.

"You had to have an above 75 per cent average in all your courses, then a big thing was community involvement."

Meyer has spent a lot of time in the community which was spent around the hockey rink. While playing on the U18 hockey team in Beiseker, he has also helped coach a minor hockey team and help around the rink with things like flooding the ice surface and then taking it out at the end of the season.

"I've also been involved in quite a few community cleanups."

When it comes to school involvement, Meyer stated he takes great pride in wearing the Beiseker name when it comes to sports.

"I've taken part in volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field and badminton for a number of years now."

When it came to graduation day, Meyer said he felt the nerves set in right before his speech.

"Once I got up there,  I just embraced the moment and it felt quite natural. I think a part of that is just talking to my classmates and having a bit of a smaller school allows me to share more close-knit personal memories we had."

Meyer talked about how a big message in his speech was how he and his class overcame adversity with hard work and how that hard work can be used in the future to do the exact same thing.

In the next school year, Meyer will be attending the University of Calgary and working towards his bachelor's degree in kinesiology while also running on the Dinos track team.

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