At 12:07 p.m. an advisory that was previously issued for the City of Airdrie regarding a water supply advisory was cancelled. 

Despite the emergency alert advisory being cancelled, an outdoor water ban is still in effect for Airdrie. 

At this time residents are asked to not:

  • Water lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs by any method.
  • Wash down any outdoor surfaces, including exterior building surfaces, windows, sidewalks, driveways, or walkways of any sort unless your business requires them to for health and safety reasons.
  • Wash cars on driveways or streets.
  • Fill outdoor decorative features, fountains, pools, or hot tubs.
  • Use potable water for construction purposes such as grading, compaction, or dust control

"All exception permits are suspended while level four restrictions are in place and the City of Airdrie has suspended bulk water sales effective immediately."

Residents are also strongly encouraged to follow indoor water conservation.

"To ensure we share the water currently available, we are asking Airdrie residents to immediately restrict indoor water use by taking the following voluntary actions:"

  • Use dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Limit showers to five minutes or less and keep baths shallow.
  • Scrape plates clean rather than rinsing food off.
  • Turn off humidifiers and ice machines, and delay washing vehicles.

As far as car washes are concerned, The City has stated that businesses using large volumes of non-essential water, such as laundromats and car washes, are being asked to reduce water use. 

"Businesses using water to deliver a product or service that is life-sustaining for people and animals are exempt. Other exemptions include any businesses that must use water to meet health code standards, such as health centres and restaurants.

There are no boil water advisories in effect within the City of Airdrie and water remains safe to drink. 

A fire ban was also enacted earlier today. Under this fire ban:

  • All existing fire permits are suspended
  • No residential fire pits
  • No campground fire pits
  • No solid fuelled barbeque appliances, where the primary source of fuel consists of charcoal, briquettes, or wood
  • No new fire permits will be issued until conditions improve.
  • Consumer fireworks are not permitted, exploding targets, model rockets, display fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects

Use of the following is allowed: 

  • Natural gas or propane fire pits that are CSA-approved or ULC-certified.
  • Natural gas, propane or electric stoves, barbecues, and smokers that are CSA-approved or ULC certified.
  • Catalytic or infrared style heaters that are CSA approved or UL certified; and
  • Approved fires contained in industrial facilities or sites (energy, forestry or agricultural)

The fire ban will remain in effect until repairs are made and normal water consumption can resume.

"The City of Airdrie has been shutting down City irrigation systems overnight and has suspended fire hydrant testing."

Rocky View County has also issued a fire ban, for both the east and west parts of the county.

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