Thanks to the generous donations of Airdronians, Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre (APARC) in the city is starting the year off on the right foot.

While they currently have around 45 cats and seven dogs in their possession up for adoption, they are currently able to provide for them, stated Tara Wingenbach, the animal service coordinator with APARC.

"All the animals that we do have are available for adoption in our facility as long as they have not been reclaimed and are past the holding period." 

While APARC does not accept surrendered animals because they are a lost and found shelter they have had quite a few phone calls from people asking if they would accept surrendered animals.

"On average, we probably get five to 15 calls a week from people calling asking to surrender their pet. We have to tell them unfortunately, we're just a lost and found shelter and we redirect them elsewhere." 

According to Wigenbach, the majority reason of the reasons people are trying to surrender their pets is because of housing, where the owners of these animals are moving does not allow pets.

When asked about the cold snap at the beginning of January, Wigenbach stated they only had one cat that was dropped off.

"It had hyperthermia and a little bit of frostbite, but it was a Happy ending as we did find the owner."

Wigenbach does expect April and March to be busier months for the center when it comes to more animals being brought in.

One goal APARC Airdrie does have in mind for 2024 is to become more well-known within the community.

"Hopefully, we'll have more animals reclaimed, because people know that we're here."

Wigenbach finished off by saying a big thanks to Airdronians who have been willing to help them out when necessary when it comes to donations.

"They have been amazing to us, If we put a call out to social media, and we're in of anything, they come through for us every single time."

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