The Alberta government will be investing $50-million to create a new Clean Hydrogen Centre of Excellence.

The centre's goal is to provide support with hydrogen research and development for both industry and small business, with the hopes of building toward a prosperous future. 

Alberta is already the largest hydrogen producer in the country. With hydrogen expected to be a several-trillion dollar industry by 2050, Alberta is looking to emerge as a leader in the global market.

"Our experts tell us that there will be three hundred and sixty thousand jobs in Canada that are hydrogen-related by 2050," said Dale Nally, associate minister of natural gas and electricity. "We want to get as many as those jobs right here in Alberta."

The Clean Hydrogen Centre of Excellence will be receiving $40 million in funding over the next four years, as well as $10 million in funding over the next two years, courtesy of Alberta's Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program. 

The centre will also aim for another $150 million from the government and private investments over the next four years.

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