Last weekend, the winners of the 12th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards were announced and Airdrie artists were definitely in the winning column.

Country pop artist Megan Dawson, who splits her time between Airdrie and Calgary, was nominated for four awards, including Horizon Female Artist of the Year. She and fellow country artist Amy Hef were tied in that category. Dawson was also nominated for Horizon Single of the Year for her song “Influence”, as well as Songwriter(s) of the Year for "Good For You", which was written by her, Brad Flaysher, Ryan Flaysher and performed by Flaysher.

The Airdrie quartet country band Nice Horse came away with winning the Horizon Group or Duo of the Year. They had amassed six nominations, including Interactive Artist of the Year, and Horizon Single of the Year, for their song “Trampoline”, which was also nominated for Video of the Year and for Songwriter(s) of the Year. Trampoline was written by Brandi Sidoryk, Tara McLeod, Krista Wodelet, Katie Rox, Shobha Lee, and Rob Wells.

Though local fan favourite Brandon Lorenzo nabbed four nominations, he didn't win in the categories nominated, though he performed at the awards ceremony. Lorenzo was previously nominated for the Fans’ Choice, Horizon Male Artist of the Year, Horizon Single of the Year for his song “You Set The Bar”, and Songwriter(s) of the Year for "You Set The Bar" as well. The song was written by Lorenzo, Chard Morrison, and Ty Baynton and performed by Brandon. 

Lorenzo wasn't the only Airdrie star to perform at the awards, as Dawson and Nice Horse also took to the stage to dazzle the crowd. 

Kyle McKearney who was nominated in three categories nabbed Roots Artist of the Year as well as the Fans’ Choice Award. He was also nominated in the Visual Creative of the Year category.

Other local nominees were Airdronian Cheryl Barkhouse of the Katavallo Entertainment Group, who was nominated for the Talent Buyer of the Year, while Rob Cyrynowski of Livestar Entertainment Canada & Hotels Live Canada was also nominated in the same category. Flaysher also previously garnered three nominations, including Horizon Group or Duo of the Year, Fans’ Choice, and Songwriter(s) of the Year for their song "Good For You".

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