On April 4, Council authorized the initiation of a temporary priority registration program at Genesis Place for citizens of Airdrie and Rocky View County beginning on August 7.

According to Mayor Peter Brown, "it was crucial to put something in place to accommodate the influx of out-of-area residents using the facility's services." This short-term trial programme assists our neighbourhood inhabitants in gaining access to Genesis Place's top-notch services.

Since the beginning of 2022, attendance in Genesis Place programs has increased significantly among non-local participants. In the past, 10–11 per cent of participants in programs from beyond the local area have attended. Program attendance from outside the local area increased to 25 per cent in the first quarter of 2022 due to factors like unusually low programming levels at City of Calgary facilities and the closure of a central north Calgary recreation facility (Vivo) until 2023. In Spring 2023, the pilot priority system will be assessed for extension or termination in light of these external considerations.

Once Vivo reopens and Calgary programming levels resume, it is anticipated that program attendance distribution levels will return to levels resembling those of earlier years.

When signing up for Genesis Place programs, residents of Airdrie and Rocky View County will get a four-day priority window. After this four-day period, registration for users from beyond the local area will start.

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