According to a new study, Alberta drivers are most likely to ditch their vehicles because of rising costs.

The latest Car Ownership Index, a comprehensive study by Turo, indicates that soaring expenses are deterring Canadians from owning cars. Surveying drivers nationwide, including Alberta, half of those in the province cited inflation as a reason for reconsidering vehicle purchases or leases this year.

13 per cent of Albertans surveyed expressed intentions to sell their vehicle or stop leasing, with a significant 67 per cent attributing financial concerns. This figure surpasses the national average of 42 per cent and stands as the highest among all provinces.

Many are also opting not to utilize their vehicles due to the costs that come along with using them. 

Plenty of Airdronians have also cut back on using their vehicle, one being Tonya Armstrong.

"We don't drive because of the cost of gas, we just can't afford it. We walk to the grocery store and carry what we can."

Armstrong stated that they hitch a ride with friends and family if possible and only use their vehicle when they absolutely have to. 

To make matters worse, Armstrong suffers from Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome which affects connective tissues, joints and bones; so she is unable to walk long distances. Armstrong is currently waiting for surgery to help with her disability and make it easier to deal with.

When asked if she has any advice for other Airdronians dealing with the same issues, she stated just hang in there, hopefully, it will get better sooner rather than later.

78 per cent of participants indicated that not owning a car would be unfeasible for them as 58 per cent stated without a vehicle, they would have to change jobs.

The survey, commissioned by Turo and conducted by Leger in Canada, took place from December 11 to 18, 2023. It involved 1,500 English and/or French-speaking Canadians aged 25 and above, selected to represent the population.

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