With warmer weather here in and around Airdrie, so are the road problems. There have been a few reports of some potholes on the QEII near Airdrie that could cause some damage, here is how you can help get them fixed. 

On provincial highways, the province employs contractors to take care of the roadways. The contractor that takes care of the major routes around Airdrie is Volker Stevin Highways. They maintain the QEII, Highway 566 and Highway 567 among many more.

"We do road patrols on those highways. We have set specifications in our contract for when we have to patrol highways," stated Dean Jetten, Operations Manager for Volker Stevin Highways.

Here are different ways they maintain the roadways they are responsible for:

  • Paving
  • Crack-sealing
  • Spray Patching
  • Pothole Patching
  • Line & Message Painting
  • Roadway Blading  and Gravelling
  • Road Way and Median Sweeping
  • Bridge Washing
  • Overhead Lighting Maintenance

Volker Stevin Highways is also in charge of snow clearing and maintaining the major routes when it comes to the winter months.

"When we see any potholes (or any other problems) depending on the weather conditions we will fix them, especially if they're hazards in the driving lanes."

If you do see a pothole that needs to be fixed or any other problems on the QEII or major routes around Airdrie, call 1 888-877-6237 and let Volker Stevin Highways know.

"You might have seen lately in the area, on the QEII, we've had to set up some traffic control to fix potholes. Of course, that impacts the travelling public."

Jetten stated they try their best to impact the least amount of traffic as possible, but with these routes being some of the most travelled in the province, you may have to slow down and expect some travel time to be added.

"When you do see the Volker Stevin Highways team working, please respect the speed zones that are set in those areas to keep everybody safe."

When it comes to fixing the potholes, Jetten mentioned they use a variety of different mixes to fill them, so the lifetime of the fixes really depends on the mix and how often the road is travelled.

"There's been around 4000 kilograms of cold mix that has been used to fix potholes around Airdrie since January."

For Airdrie, if you see a pothole, you report it to the city and they will patch it when possible. They have already patched many potholes around the city. 

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