The City of Airdrie is reminding residents that the tag and tow program will be used once again this year as street cleaning begins early next week on April 30. 

"Vehicles left in the area can expect to be towed and ticketed. Residents are asked to park vehicles on their driveway or rear garage pad and to remove driveway ramps if they have them," The City stated.

Mike Avramenko, Team Leader of Road Operations underlined that residents should watch for the orange signs at entrances to their neighbourhood.

"... Ensure your vehicle is moved off the street on the dates indicated on the sign," he said. "The orange signs are not located on every residential street, only at the main access roads into the community - we like to say watch for the sign to avoid the fine. Our ultimate goal is to have residents move their vehicles so that our streets can be swept as efficiently as possible."

When signs are up in your community, you can park in alleys between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., but residents are reminded to not block off emergency access or access to driveways, garages and backyards.

"If you will be out of town for an extended period during May and June while residential sweeping is underway, please move your vehicle to off-street parking."

Other things residents are reminded of are to obey construction signs, as well as to slow down and use caution when approaching or passing equipment.

"Remove ramps or other obstructions from the gutter in front of your driveway, basketball hoops etc. Don’t sweep your driveway and sidewalk debris onto the road," The City added.

Residents are also asked to remove their advertising signs from boulevards and medians. It's also important to remember to maintain vegetation, including trees and shrubs as well as other structures that may obstruct equipment on the road right-of-way.

The City's Roads Department does not sweep private parking lots, and residents living in townhouses or condo complexes do not need to move their vehicles if parked on-site. However, vehicles parked on the street must be moved.

Airdrie uses three phases of cleaning. The first phase includes sweeping arterial roads, boulevards and medians, while the second phase consists of sweeping all collectors and residential streets. The third and final phase consists of sweeping green streets & paved alleys (after residential roads).

This year's street sweeping program is beginning slightly later than in 2023. Last year, street cleaning began on April 25.

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