As we reflect on the events of 2011, although development numbers in Airdrie were slightly lower than 2010 figures, this year brought a number of good things to the city. Kent Rupert with Economic Development says 2011 drew some new businesses to Airdrie, and saw expansion of other local companies. 

Among the biggest expansions were local car dealership Cam Clark Ford and both local McDonald's restaurants. Rupert adds that Techmation is also planning a new development for 2012, and eCycle Solutions has expansion plans in the works. Airdrie became home to an ATCO geothermal centre, Mirolin Industries and TransCanada Turbines.

The City is hoping to have its annexation finalized early in the year, creating new opportunities for more businesses to lay down roots in Airdrie.

The biggest challenge going forward, Rupert says, is to try and balance the commercial side with the residential sector. Right now, Airdrie is sitting at 85 per cent residential.