If you're calling the City about a rotting couch on your neighbour's front lawn or an illegally parked RV, relief is just ahead. Airdronians impatient for the yet-to-be-unveiled Community Standards Bylaw can rest assured that when it's officially introduced, it'll be a good one because staff took the necessary time. That, according to Darryl Poburan, in Municipal Enforcement with the City, who realizes some residents are just curious about the new bylaw, while others are angry with the delay. 

Poburan says it's difficult to rush a bylaw of this type due to the effect it can have on the community and the changes he's made himself to the bylaw will provide a more agreeable one when it is released, hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks. He says the extra time was needed so staff could look at Community Standards Bylaws in other centres.