City Council unanimously approved the AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan at their meeting on Monday, March 5. The plan includes a shared vision of goals, principles, strategies and objectives designed to guide future development in Airdrie. It's a reflection of what citizens feel is important in propelling Airdrie forward.

Adoption of the AirdrieOne plan will provide needed direction for a more sustainable form of growth and development as Airdrie approaches its projected population of 90,000 by 2040.

Tracy Corbett is Manager of Planning and Sustainable Development for the City. She was grateful for the high praise given by council for the plan and says now her team can begin to follow through on its mission.

The plan reflects the input received through an extensive planning and consultation process that began in 2007 when Airdrie Council initiated the process to develop an integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).

In February 2008, the City endorsed a public engagement process known as Envision Airdrie. The process included many opportunities for the public, businesses and others to discuss what they wanted Airdrie to become. In April 2008, a Community Advisory Group was established to help guide the development of the sustainability plan. The City also maintained a website for AirdrieOne where people could obtain background information, survey results, feedback, and copies of the draft plan.

Between April and August 2008, community visioning efforts were conducted to collect input on these questions:
* What do you value about Airdrie?
* What do like most about living here?
* What changes would you most like to see?
* What are your hopes and dreams for Airdrie in 100 years?
* How could you help make this happen?

The result of this input brought about the following sustainability vision for Airdrie:

Airdrie is a vibrant, caring community rich in urban amenities and opportunities for everyone. We value a healthy, sustainable environment connecting people and places.

Recent recommendations for keeping Airdrie sustainable included:

* Retain Airdrie's small town feel (this comment has been made consistently)
* Airdrie is growing too fast. There doesn't seem to be a plan.
* We need open dialogue. Communicate how our input will be used.
* Provide curbside recycling.
* Build schools at the same time as the neighbourhoods are being built.
* Protect Nose Creek.
* Water is our biggest issue.
* Provide more parks and pathways.
* Provide a variety of housing options. Make them look better. Too many look the same.
* Green space needs to be a priority for the city.
* Develop an arts and culture centre. Incorporate the library.
* Make it easier for seniors to get around.
* Make the communities more walkable.

A copy of the plan and pertinent documentation is available here.