With Halloween here, many Airdronians are in the spooky swing of things, one Airdronian and her family are hosting a new event called the Stonegate Jack O'Lantern Jamboree!

Airdronian Kimberly Lovelace, the organizer, explained the premise of the Jamboree was for Airdronians to bring their carved pumpkins to her house, and they will all be displayed in front of her 100-foot fence for everybody to walk by and see.

Lovelace also mentioned that the pumpkins on display, were entered into a competition where your pumpkins would be judged and you could win some prizes.

"We're looking for the scariest one, funniest one, most original and maybe the most artistic." 

PumpkinsThe pumpkins will be lined up in front of this fence. Photo supplied.

While carving 12 pumpkins herself, Lovelace stated her pumpkins would be of course be removed from the competition when the judging starts.

She's bringing in a judge from local radio station Air 106.1. Claire Spencer will get to decide the winners of the prizes up for grabs.

If you are interested in seeing some Airdronians Jack O'Lanterns, you can visit 164 Stonegate Crescent NW today from 6-9 p.m. Lovelace mentioned she plans on having coffee and hot chocolate for those who come by.

The Jack O'Lanterns have been on display for the past three days.

During the Jamboree, they will also be accepting donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. Lovelace's son works with Relay for Life, who works in tandem with the society, so it's a cause close to the heart of the family. 

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