With the carbon tax rising on April 1 and the Alberta Fuel tax also being reinstated, Airdronians will see quite a jump at the gas pumps.

The carbon pricing plan currently stands at $65 per tonne. As of April 1, it will increase to $80 per tonne, with subsequent annual increments of $15, reaching $170 per tonne by 2030. The current federal fuel charge is 14 cents per litre, which will be jumping to 17 cents while natural gas will see a rise to 15 cents per cubic metre from 12 cents.

The federal government argues that this strategy aims to decrease emissions and generate innovation.

A new Leger poll states that most Canadians are against raising it, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).

Just recently it was also announced the provincial fuel tax will be making a jump back to its regular 13 cents per litre compared to the 9 cents per litre we see right now. 

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, Nate Horner, issued a statement saying that the provincial program was, 'designed to save Albertans money when oil prices are high and bring in needed government revenue when oil prices drop.'

"Since oil prices averaged below $80 per barrel during the most recent quarterly review period, the provincial fuel tax for gas and diesel will be 13 cents per litre starting April 1."

Horner underlined that Albertans will continue to pay some of the lowest fuel prices in the country even after the full fuel tax rate takes effect.

Currently, in Airdrie, regular gas prices are around $154.9 per litre.

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