11-year-old Chloe Awa (from Calgary but represents the Airdrie area) recently won Junior Miss Galaxy Canada.

The pageant was held last month in Toronto, and Awa got to spend her time competing against her pageant sisters. They were asked to do a variety of tasks like modelling and question and answer periods. A great experience for Awa as it was her first time competing in nationals.

"I really had fun, because it was a nice experience for me to join and compete in nationals. "

Awa had to do a lot of preparation ahead of the competition as well and got some help from friends.

"I spent some time practicing my walks. The day before I left for Toronto, I met up with my pageant mentor and my best friend. They gave me more confidence and helped me practice the question and answer portion."

Chloe is not new to competing, just this competition and previously she has competed in and won a few, even at such a young age:

  1. Mini Miss International Kids of the Year 2020 
  2. Junior Miss Alberta 2021 
  3. Pre-teen Miss Young Ambassador of Canada 2021 
  4. Junior Miss Calgary Stampede 2022 
  5. Junior Miss Galaxy Canada 2023 - 2024 
AirdriePhoto of Awa visiting AIR 106.1.

Awa explained what she was feeling when she first heard her name called, signalling she had won the title of Junior Miss Galaxy Canada.

"I was so shocked, I was about a cry but I held my tears because I was so proud of everyone else that also competed. But when I heard my name, I was just so happy because it was my first time competing in nationals and this was something I've always dreamed of."

Pageants have been a lifelong dream for Awa. Growing up she watched pageants like Miss Universe and that is what made her want to pursue this life track. 

"The experience of my first pageant wanted to make me do more pageants, which is something that I want to continue in the future."

Now that she's won on the national stage, Awa is pursuing her next goal, winning an international event.

"I've always wanted to win an international title and I will be attending one of those events next year."

Awa is now focused on her next competition, the Junior Miss Galaxy International crown, which she hopes to win in August.

"I'm just excited for that moment."

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