This past weekend, the Airdrie Pro Rodeo concluded, seeing many competitors from all over the world come together in Airdrie for a weekend of rodeo competition.  

Media Liaison for the Airdrie Pro Rodeo, Darcy Munro, says the event went “extremely well” and is predicting that July 1 was the biggest crowd in a single day they have seen. Munro predicts they saw 2000 people on July 1 and between 1600-1700 people on July 2. 

The 3000+ attendees all gathered to see the competitions that the rodeo was hosting. 

Crowd of people watching the rodeo (Photo Provided by Connor May)A crowd of people watching the rodeo (Photo Provided by Connor May)

The unofficial results and prizes have been released: 

  • Bareback riding: 1. Cole Goodine, 88.5 points, $1084.95.   
  • Steer wrestling: 1. Jason Thomas, 4.1 seconds, $1599.88. 
  • Saddle bronc riding: 1. Kole Ashbacher, 85 points, $1275.77. 
  • Team roping: 1. Jackson Louis/Elliott Benjamin, 4.6 seconds  $1737.83 each. 
  • Tie-down roping: 1. Shane Smith, 8.0 seconds, $1707.98. 
  • Barrel racing: 1. (tie) Diane Skocdopole and Bradi Whiteside, 14.90, $1855.91 each. 
  • Bull riding: 1. Wyatt Gleeson, 90 points, $1256.69. 
  • Novice bareback: 1. Brodie Moldovan, 62 points, $434.56. 
  • Novice saddle bronc: 1. Jaret Cooper, 67.5 points, $651.84. 
  • Steer riding: 1. Hayden Mackay, 80 points, $673.18. 
(Photo Provided by Connor May)Photo of Bareback Riding (Photo Provided by Connor May)

Munro is excited for next year and says, “it was so nice to see all the families out there again and see that many kids having fun, seeing smiles on faces again, and giving folks that entertainment outlet”.  

The event also gave the rodeo the chance to crown new royalty. Due to COVID, they haven’t been able to crown new royalty since 2019.  

The new Rodeo Royalty includes the Queen, Kelcey Moore and the new Princess, Hannah Braun. 

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