Rajan Sawhney, a UCP leadership Candidate, also endorsed by Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt, was back in Airdrie for another stop to meet and talk to Airdronians. At the meet and greet, DiscoverAirdrie caught up with Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown to talk about all these UCP Leadership Candidates visiting Airdrie. 

“I think it's great, but I think more importantly, whoever gets elected, you want to come to Airdrie, you want to see what's going on in Airdrie.” 

Brown stated he gets frustrated when leaders don’t come and visit Airdrie. 

“I really hope with Rajon here, and I believe Rebecca (Schulz) is coming and a few others, that they get a better understanding of what we are as a community. What we need, where we need support from the province, and how we can become an even better community.” 

Brown says he would like to see many things happen in Airdrie when a new UCP leader is elected. 

“We need new high schools, we need help with affordable housing, women's shelter. Health care is a huge issue in Airdrie.” 

According to Brown, lots of these significant issues have a provincial mandate and a provincial responsibility, and they need to understand how much Airdrie needs their support in the community. 

To date, Rajan Sawhney, Todd Loewen, and Danielle Smith have made stops in Airdrie for their campaign. 

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