Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt is the Chair for Rajan Sawhney in her United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership campaign. 

“Rajan Sawhney and I actually represent different sides of our party. The goal here is to ensure that the big tent is as big as it can possibly be. Rajan and I have had a pretty successful relationship in trying to find common ground.” 

Pitt stated she thinks the key to the future prosperity of the province is having a leader that's able to listen to the concerns of all sorts of different people and find a good path forward that represents most of us, and Pitt believes Sawhney does just that. 

“I know all the candidates that are running for the UCP leadership and I really think that Rajan best represents the future of this party. You know, we need somebody that is compassionate, has a great amount of empathy, who is able to unite the various members of our party so that we can go into the next election united and ensure a prosperous future for the people of this province.” 

Some of the others running for the leadership role include Leela Aheer, Brian Jean, Todd Loewen, Bill Rock, Rebecca Schulz, Danielle Smith, and Travis Toews. 

Pitt says Sawhney's background makes her more than qualified for the position. 

“She holds two university degrees as well as an MBA (Masters of Business). She's worked as a Vice President in the oil and gas sector for the last 20 years. She's held two different portfolios in our government over the last three years, quite successfully.” 

Sawheny was recently in Airdrie to start off her campaign. 

“Part of her campaign launch last Monday was to come through Airdrie and just meet people. We didn't really get down to the nitty-gritty of policy and that type of thing, those things will come out over the course of this very long campaign.” 

Pitt says she plans on bringing Sawhney back, as well as some other candidates. 

“I really want people to know who they're voting for, and what they're about. We'll be bringing a number of those candidates through and inviting members and supporters out to those various events.” 

Pitt mentions Todd Loewen will be in Airdrie on the 27th at the Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse & Grill at 5 pm. 

Election day for the new UCP leader is October 6th and you must have a UCP membership to vote. 

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