Last week, Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown met with Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt and Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services Jeremy Nixon to tour the new Abrio Place and to talk about senior living in Airdrie.

"Big thanks to Minister Nixon and MLA Pitt for coming out and accepting the invitation. We had an opportunity to tour the facility, then we had a presentation on both Abrio Place [the old Hampton Inn and Suites] and also the Airdrie Housing Limited project [the old Super Eight Hotel]."

According to Brown, the meeting went very well and the Minster was made aware of all the challenges these two projects face.

"It's imperative that the provincial government invest in our community. Those two projects (Abrio Place) are $4.4 million for renovations and $1.4 million for the Airdrie Housing Limited project."

Brown is confident that Minister Nixon understands these projects have been in the works, investments have been made, and Airdrie needs funding from the provincial government for these projects.

Mayor Brown asked Nixon when they would find out if Airdrie will receive the funding that is needed, and he said there are 67 applications looking for funding like this. 

"We haven't had an investment in affordable housing or seniors housing like this, since 2007."

Airdrie is hoping to hear good news between February 15 and March 1 as that time frame is when the financials of the provincial budget will be announced.

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