This year the Airdrie 1st club received help from a lot of different companies and individuals, including three little Airdronians, to hand out 371 hampers, which helped out 1130 people.

Madison and Ashleigh (sisters) de Jong and Kolton Bucholtz helped out the Airdrie 1st Club by donating their own money to families in need. For the kids, there were multiple reasons why they wanted to help out!

"Because you never really know who you're helping out. You could be helping out your neighbour, your friend, you just don't know," mentioned Ashleigh. "Because other kids need more food and toys than us," Kolton explained. We heard about it [the Christmas hamper program], and we thought it was a great idea so we wanted to help out," explained Madison.

All the kids mentioned that helping make Christmas special for Airdronians in need made them feel good and that they were doing something important.

Kolton donated some of his birthday money to help out while the sisters created some crafts to sell so they can donate the money. The girls sold chocolate bars that they wrapped up to look like a snowman and sold them for $3 each, they sold around 85 chocolate bars.

The mothers of the kids were very proud and happy their kids were willing to help support a local cause during the holidays.

"It's awesome that we have young people who want to give back to the community. It's a great learning experience for them to find the joy in giving back to the community," explained Rhonda Auclair, Vice President of the Airdrie 1st Club.

This year the Airdrie 1st Club received lots of help from schools within Airdrie, Auclair mentioned it's safe to say all the help they received was able to bring tears to members' eyes.

Up next for the Airdrie 1st Club is a fundraiser for Valentine's, more details will be released when made available.

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