George McDougall Mustangs High School football head coach Chris Glass seems to eat, sleep and breathe football.

Glass is the Camp Director for the Dave Dickenson Passing Academy, which happened this past weekend.

"It started out about 12 years ago when Dave Dickenson first started with the Calgary Stampeders. Dave wanted to run a campaign to increase the level of play of the quarterback and receiver level in the Calgary area."

Being an invite-only camp, they send out invitations to top quarterbacks or the top receivers in the area. These kids then get the opportunity to have a classroom session with Dickenson to talk about football and then get to apply their skills on the field.

Glass garnered his role by helping Dickenson find who to invite to the camp back when Glass was working for the Stampeders as a guest coach for training camps.

"[What] I really like about the camp, is the level of coaching that we get, like Bo Levi Mitchell, coming to work with the quarterbacks, so the kids get professional level coaching from pros and pro coaches that they wouldn't normally have access to."

Airdrie has had such a high level of play over the past couple of years, so you seem more and more Airdrie athletes being invited, explained Glass.

"You're never going to get the level of quarterback coaching that somebody like Dickenson would offer you for many other camps. There are some very specific things that we, we teach and when you see that in the game it's pretty exciting. "

Glass does plan to continue working with the camp as long as it's running.

"To see the excitement that some of the kids get, and to see them develop in their compete for level, it's an honour to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to many more years to come."

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