It was a great way to start the week for the Airdrie Food Bank as they received a $10,000 donation from Westmark Holdings. 

Before yesterday, Westmark donated a total of $62,850 since 2008 making the new total $72,850. 

According to Lori McRitchie of the Airdrie Food Bank, thus far in 2022, the food bank has seen quite an increase in Airdronians accessing the food bank. 

“It touches our heart that they have faith in us, in the work that we're doing in our community and that we're worthy of their support year after year. What we can do because of their support is to continue to meet the rising need at the food bank.” 

So far this year, the use of the Food Bank is up over 50 per cent, something that is unprecedented.  McRitchie added that they are seeing kids in the community that are hungry, but that this donation will help them to continue to meet the needs of the families that are coming. Five years ago, their average hamper size was 2.9 people, it's now 4.6. 

Paul Gerla, one of the owners of Westmark, mentioned he can just picture himself at a big dinner table and one person isn't getting served. He noted he can’t imagine how difficult that would be. 

“I feel like I know how to create a good subdivision. But when it comes to reaching out and meeting those immediate needs, as a business person, I look for the people that can have the most impact with the donations we make to the food bank. Over the 25 years, we've been developing Cooper's Crossing we've heard nothing but good things about the work being done at the food bank, and it certainly meets an immediate need.” 

Although it depends on how the year goes, Gerla stated it feels good to give back when they have a little extra. 

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