With 2023 underway, Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt is looking forward to this new year and what it holds.

While excited for the new year, Pitt looked back at some of the hardships and highlights from 2022, including the lack of ability to connect with the average Albertan.

"I found that really hard to be able to do with all the restrictions that were in place."

For Pitt, 2022 ended pretty well with the new Premier, a good economy, a promising future and a brighter 2023.

"I think Alberta families will really feel the effects of the booming economy in 2023."

Affordability measures that Premier Smith announced not too long ago are now in place, so Pitt hopes these measures help struggling families.

"We know that there has to be and there is going to be some dramatic improvements in our health care and emergency services system. I really look forward to being there when Albertans are feeling the effects of those improvements."

Also in 2023, Pitt hopes Albertans will vote for the United Conservative party once again in the upcoming election.

"We will show improvements post-pandemic in the health care system. We've removed ideology from the classrooms. There are some really great things that Albertans are excited about that we've done over the last number of years and are going to continue to do for another four years.

When it comes to the Airdrie area, Pitt is hoping to see an announcement in Budget 2023 that will help Airdrie and its healthcare system. Pitt is also very excited about the completion of the 40th avenue overpass.

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