According to a report by company Point2, Airdrie is ranked second best in the prairie region for work-life balance, while Strathcona County was ranked first.

"The trick to managing both professional and personal responsibilities is ensuring that neither area dominates nor detracts significantly from the other. As it turns out, this trick is hard to master, especially in The Prairies," the report stated.

Point2's report said that, 'most big cities in The Prairies make the second half of the work-life balance list.'

"That said, many still scored high in at least a few metrics that can contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle."  

aAccording to a report by company Point2, Airdrie is ranked second best in the prairie region for work-life balance, while Strathcona County was ranked first. (Graphic credit to Point2)

An estimated 66 per cent of those living in Calgary and Airdrie said that they are in good or excellent health.

"What's more, Airdrie boasts about 20 psychologists per 1,000 people. In the same vein, more than 95 per cent of locals in Regina, Saskatchewan, report high levels of life satisfaction, whereas Saskatoon claims the title of second-least-stressful city in Canada, after St. John's, Newfoundland."

However, the top spot, Strathcona County came out on top due to several intertwining factors.

"Low crime severity, one of the highest after-tax median household incomes ($105,000), and the fact that more than 85 per cent of residents spend less than 30 per cent of their income on housing costs."

As far as Lethbridge, it stood out for those who are, 'professionals prioritizing affordable rent as a crucial aspect of their work-life peace of mind.'

"Lethbridge stands out with the lowest cost of living in terms of rent. Renting in Lethbridge averages just $1,125 — a stark comparison to the $4,000 to $5,000 range commonly seen in cities like Toronto or Vancouver.

On a national scale, was ranked 54th out of 100 cities across the country. The top spot went to Lévis, Quebec. 

"Lévis and Québec City rank supreme as beacons of balance, scoring 69 and 67 out of 100, respectively," the report said. 

The study considered the 100 largest Census Subdivisions (Cities) based on the most recent data from Statistics Canada 2021 Census of Population.

"The report uses a combination of ranking scores and weighted averages. We analyzed 30 metrics, each graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the maximum index of a specific metric. To determine the cities with the best Work-Life Balance, we calculated the weighted average across all metrics to determine and compare overall scores, resulting in ranks."

Metrics were grouped into three relevant categories: Work intensity, health and well-being, as well as livability.  

Point2 is a company that covers real estate trends, news and tips. According to their website, their studies are based on, 'on internal data, public records, governmental sources, online research and other reliable third-party agencies.'

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