Dr. Terry Rock has a challenge for you.

The guest speaker at the Winning Edge Awards banquet on October 21, has challenged Airdronians to be "awesome" - and he's putting his money where his mouth is.

Dr. Terry Rock, President & CEO of the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA), gave guests at the banquet just a taste of all the wonderful things CADA has been doing to bring the arts to Calgarians - and it's paid off since Calgary was just declared the Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012.

Rock believes strongly in the ripple effect the arts can have in a community. A community that encourages the arts will see a rise in property values; the economic value of the community will be stronger as it becomes more diverse and people get to know their neighbours.

Rock encouraged the Airdrie business community to live and "do" business creatively. In fact, he thinks all great business people are creative:

But he doesn't just believe it, he lives it and wants Airdronians to live it, too. Rock "conspired" with award organizers to donate his speaker's fee back to the Airdrie community through the formation of an Awesome Airdrie Project. Following the model of a similar program in Calgary, the Awesome Foundation of Calgary, Awesome Airdrie will involve "one awesome idea, a 90 minute pitch and $1000." Basically, if you have an "awesome" idea involving the arts, you can apply to pitch it in front of a committee and if you're successful, you get the $1000 to make it happen. We'll have more details as this "awesome" idea takes shape.