Some residents of Airdrie have reported that the city's bylaw officers are handing out tickets to vehicle owners who haven't gotten around to moving their vehicles from the street.

With the city's street sweeping program having begun earlier this week, the city is reminding residents that the tag and tow program is in effect. This means that vehicles left in the area can expect to be towed and ticketed. Residents are asked to park vehicles on their driveway or rear garage pad and to remove driveway ramps if they have them.

“Our ultimate goal is to have residents move their vehicles so that our streets can be swept as efficiently as possible, without towing,” said Mike Avramenko, Team Leader of Road Operations for the city.

At least 48 hours in advance, road signs are placed at entrances into subdivisions scheduled to be swept. Hence, when signs are up in your community, you can park in alleys between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., but motorists are reminded to not block off emergency access or access to driveways, garages and backyards. If you will be out of town for an extended period of time during May and June while residential sweeping is underway, please move your vehicle to off-street parking.

A map of the City of Airdrie shows the progression of street cleaning. (Photo/Graphic provided by the City of Airdrie)A map of the City of Airdrie shows the progression of street cleaning. (Photo/Graphic provided by the City of Airdrie)


There are three phases to street sweeping, which include:

Phase 1: Sweeping arterial roads, boulevards and medians
Phase 2: Sweeping all collectors and residential streets
Phase 3: Sweeping green streets & paved alleys (after residential roads)

The city's roads department does not sweep private parking lots. Residents living in townhouses or condo complexes do not need to move their vehicles if parked on-site. 

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