With inflation hitting a high of 3.1 per cent in Canada last year and with debt and price increases on the rise, 71 per cent of Canadians are wondering if they can pay off their debts. Airdrie businesses are not immune to this nagging question.  

Locally owned businesses are commonplace in Airdrie, but without the backing of large corporations, they are finding themselves in a precarious situation with many wondering if their doors will stay open. Heidi Macneil, the owner of Your Dollar Store With More has found inflation hitting the store hard. 

“Everything is going up so much in price and you don't want to raise everything too much because people can't afford it, if it is unreasonable,” she said. 

However, Macneil isn’t the only business owner facing challenges. Rhys Eckardt, owner of pub Wild Card Shack is also feeling the effects. 

“We pretty much run non-profit trying to stay in the market by offering very competitive prices built for survival; so, with a higher rate of inflation comes a lot of math and a higher risk of failing. Price things too high, people won't come out, price them too low and you'll be closing your doors.” 

With inflation not expected to hit a low of 2 per cent until the end of the year, Canadians will find themselves wondering what the next challenge will be. With electricity rates expected to double over the next year, it will be leaving many wondering how they will be able to pay their next bill. 

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