With Pollinator Week, taking place from June 19 to 25, The City of Airdrie has announced that there will be a pollinator-friendly garden in East Lake Park.

"The City of Airdrie recognizes the importance of education in fostering sustainable practices and promoting pollinator conservation," said Mayor Brown. "In addition to providing education, we're excited to be taking action by implementing this year's Mayor for a Day proposal. This is one step forward in creating a city where pollinators can thrive."

In collaboration with the Mayor for a day winner, the City of Airdrie will be establishing a pollinator-friendly garden in East Lake Park. This initiative aims to provide a welcoming habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

"Pollinators are facing numerous challenges, including habitat loss, diseases and the impacts of climate change," said Kendall Bampton, Development Technician with the Parks department. "This week, we are focused on providing fun opportunities for residents to learn about how critical pollinators are to our ecosystem and food supply."

To kick off Pollinator Week, City Hall will be illuminated in black, white and yellow on June 19 to raise awareness of the crucial role pollinators play in our ecosystem and food production. The City will also be at the Airdrie farmer's market on June 21.

"Residents are encouraged to stop by the City’s booth for a chance to win some fantastic pollinator-friendly prizes, learn more about pollinators and discover how you can contribute to their conservation efforts."

In addition to the events during pollinator week, in the weeks following Pollinator Week, the City will be hosting workshops that provide educational opportunities for residents.

"These workshops will empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to create pollinator-friendly environments."

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