Across not only Alberta, but Canada in general, animal shelters find themselves at max capacity. 

Tails to Tell, a no-kill cat shelter in Crossfield, is no exception. 

Colleen, who's on the Board of Directors for the shelter and an avid volunteer, says there are a few ways a person could help the shelter as they're currently looking after over 100 cats and kittens.

Volunteers are needed to lend a helping hand around the shelter with things such as animal care, general cleaning, and other odd jobs as required. There are adult volunteer opportunities for those 18 years or older as well as youth volunteer opportunities for those 16 years or older, they just need a signed permission slip.

There are six different types of volunteers at Tails To Tell:

  • General Volunteers
  • Interns
  • Special Event Volunteers
  • Group Volunteers
  • Handy People
  • Animal Medical

To begin the volunteer process CLICK HERE to see the application form.

Tails_To_Tell_Cat_1Jenelle, 5 years old, needs a home!
Tails_To_Tell_Cat_3Crystal, 3 months old, needs a home!

The shelter is also in huge need for foster homes, mainly for mom cats or a litter of kittens who don't currently have a mom looking after them.

The Foster Program primarly helps animals that are not quite ready for adoption or need some extra care. This includes felines that are being nursed back to health, special needs, emotional trauma, shy or fearful cats, behavior issues, seniors, pregnant, nursing babies or those are too young to be put up for adoption.

At Tails to Tell, as a Foster volunteer, a person is provided with all of the necessities the animal needs. In return, the animal is provided with your love and affection in a family home while they work towards finding a forever home.

Becoming a foster volunteer requires the completion of a foster application form. CLICK HERE to access it.

Tails_To_Tell_Cat_2Drax, 3 years old, needs a home!

The third way a person can help Tails To Tell is through donations; both monetary and physical.

Currently, the shelter has a Wish List full of physical donations they need the most such as various wet and dry cat food, different forms of litter, scratching posts and cat trees, and cleaning supplies for the volunteers like garbage bags and paper towel.

To make a monetary donation a person can send an e-transfer, mail a physical cheque, donate through paypall, send money through the ATB Cares Initiative which matches 15% of donations, or sign up as a monthly donor.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to donate.