While construction is still underway for the Senior’s Living by Rocky View Foundation, they are hoping to see people move in by the fall. 

Carol Borschneck, the Chief Administrative Officer for Rocky View Foundation talked about the specifics of the project. 

“We were very fortunate to be able to purchase the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel in Airdrie during the pandemic. The project is picking up steam and we are hoping to have folks move in in the late fall this year.” 

While they are still installing a kitchen, changing some suites, and turning the ballroom into a dining room, Borschneck went on to talk about why they are doing this. 

“We are the housing management body, designated by the Government of Alberta for the Rocky View County region and all the municipalities within so as the housing management body for Airdrie, one of our responsibilities is to provide affordable seniors housing.” 

The project will see 92 suites with 60 rooms being subsidized. 

“We have the Rocky View Lodge in Crossfield and Big Hill Lodge in Cochrane; so, for us to be able to pick up this asset and convert it to a lodge will make a significant difference to folks who are on the waitlist for affordable housing and surviving on an income that is creating challenges for them.” 

So far, they have hired a manager and she will be advertising about 35 permanent jobs in Airdrie to operate the building. 

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