The 40th Avenue Overpass is right on track to be done by this fall.

While construction is back underway with spring here and summer around the corner, according to Adam Carroll, the Project Manager for civil infrastructure with the Capital Projects Office with the City of Airdrie, the project should be done in October.

"We currently have a lot of [sub-contractors] who have started on site again, with the favourable weather we're having, we're completing waterproofing on the bridge decks in preparation for paving later this summer."

Concrete curbs and gutters that control stormwater in and around the site will be installed as well.

"The major milestone that we're hoping to achieve in the summertime is earthworks. They're still moving a lot of earth on site to bring the grades up to where they need to be, some of the bridges are 10 meters in the air, so we have to bring a lot of fill (material used to artificially raise existing ground levels) in. Once that's complete, then we can start the gravel and then asphalt."

Construction of the storm pond on the east side of the QEII is underway as well. They are also getting ready to install the electrical signal components for the new for new sets of traffic signals once all the materials are in.

"Once we see the asphalt down, then we can we'll start installing streetlights, traffic signals, line painting, and all of the signage."

Carroll, who has been working on this project for the past two years, is grateful to see how much work was done.

"I'm sure other people are wondering why it's taking so long. But when you're building four structures, there's a lot of work that goes into ensuring that those are built in a manner that is safe for public use, and they are going to last 75 to 100 years."

Carroll does want to remind residents and travellers commuting through the construction zone to please follow the speed limits as a lot more workers will now be on the site.

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