The 40th avenue overpass is getting closer to being complete. 

Adam Carroll, the Project Manager for the civil infrastructure group at the Capital Projects Office explains where the project is right now. 

“We are very close to being 50 per cent done with the entire scope of the project for sure.” 

Up next for the project is pouring some concrete. 

“The most significant milestone [in] our plan right now is to pour the bridge deck over QEII within the next three weeks and we are on track right now to complete that work by mid-September.” 

During the winter months, they do mostly stop construction, but they will continue doing some smaller things that need to be done. 

“If there's any concrete work that we can do through the winter, the contractor will do heating and hoarding, which is where they put tarps over all any concrete work and then have heaters in there to ensure that they get the proper curing temperatures for concrete. So, there will be a lot of site work still going on during the winter.” 

Carroll did mention that we won't see any asphalt work done but we may see some street lighting and or signal lights start over the winter. 

But before the winter shutdown, some other goals are in place. 

“The pond on the southeast corner of the project adjacent to existing Sharp Hill Way and the service road, there a large storm pond that we're excavating that accommodates all the stormwater runoff and 40th Avenue. The goal is to have that completed as well by the end of September, probably early October.” 

Carroll finished off by saying after the winter months, the main goal is to focus on getting the road surfaces ready for gravel and asphalt. 

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