Last week saw the end of the "Hockey Marathon For The Kids" and a local Airdronian was one of 40 hockey players who took part in the 262-hour hockey game.

The 11-and-a-half-day hockey game took place at the Chestermere Recreation Centre to raise funds for the Alberta Children's Hospital. While the game is officially over, over 1.5 million dollars have been raised. Team Hope took home the win with a score of 3055 while Team Cure had 2923.

Airdronian Cale Louden (who was on Team Hope) talked about his experience of spending almost two weeks inside the hockey rink.

"We played four-hour shifts on a four-hour shift off, sometimes it got split up into eight-hour shifts on an eight-hour shift off. They had a medical area for the players where they could get treated if need be. They also had different massage therapists and chiropractors if needed as well."

Of course, they also had a sleeping area where they would try to catch up on sleep when they were not playing while their other teammates were on the ice.

"Day five and day six is when you get down mentally. It gets pretty tough when lack of sleep catches up with you and a lot of all your nicks and injuries catch up as well." 

What does help motivate the players is when children from the hospital come to visit the players.

"It's pretty easy to motivate yourself when you get a chance to see them and hear their story."

Louden also got to see his family multiple times as they went to watch him play hockey and visit him when they could. His wife was also one of the medical personnel (a nurse) for the hockey game.

Louden talked about how growing up and spending time in hospitals as his mom was a nurse helped motivate him to do what he could to help these kids out.

"Us playing for 10, 11 or 12 days is pretty minor compared to what these kids have to go through. It's something that I felt that I could give back and I thought it would be something that I could help contribute with."

According to Lourden, he is very fortunate his young family has not needed to spend a lot of time at the children's hospital.

While on paper they have set the record once again for the longest-ever hockey game, they are still waiting for confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The hockey game has been played three other times setting the record for world's longest hockey game in 2012, 2014 and 2022 raising over four million dollars in those three years.

This is his third time participating in the fundraising event, he is currently unsure if he will participate in the next game if there is one.

"After my first game, my body held up really well. After the second game, my feet were pretty banged up. But this one was probably the worst injury-wise, I have a bunch of blisters on my feet and had to be put on antibiotics because my left ankle started flaring up."

To learn more about the game or make a donation, click HERE.

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